Boy Berends (1986) is a conceptual documentary photographer based in Utrecht, The Netherlands. This site contains his portfolio and some personal projects.

Email address: boyberends at gmail dot com

He went to art school, did an internship and worked for some people.

He also made the site you are looking at right now, more at beebee.

And now he is tired of writing about himself in the third person.


Laden & lossen

When I was still living with my parents in Sittard (South of The Netherlands) I worked during the summer break from high school. During many summers I did the work you see in the pictures. I hated it. I thought it was incredibly dull, repetitive and mind-numbing. I felt sorry for the people who had to do this on a daily basis as a regular job. The people I was replacing for a few weeks.

With the sequences I wanted to mimic the repetitive nature of the work you see in the pictures.